TMS Treatment for Depression Safety FAQ

Is TMS Safe? Some Answers

The more often that people hear about transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) being used to treat depression and anxiety, the more frequently the Calabasas Behavioral Health team hears the question: Is TMS safe?

Consider these facts about TMS, in which magnets are placed on the scalp to gently stimulate sections of the brain that control mood:

  • Studies show TMS to be effective and safe in treating patients diagnosed with depressive or anxiety disorders. Since being approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2008, the procedure has been used successfully on thousands of patients worldwide, many of them at Calabasas Behavioral Health clinic, with relatively few side effects.
  • During a typical session of less than an hour, TMS patients are exposed to magnetic stimulation a that exposes them to just a fraction of the stimulation from a single magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)scan. A specialist trained in the use of TMS closely oversees the procedure.
  • Unlike electroconvulsive therapy or ECT, TMS is administered without anesthesia and does not produce seizures. Memory loss and confusion, sometimes associated with ECT, do not occur in TMS patients.
  • Rare problems linked to TMS treatment, such as a slight headache or discomfort during treatment, typically diminish after a couple sessions.

The Calabasas Behavioral Health team believes TMS is a safe alternative for patients who do not benefit from anti-depressants. Call us today at 818-921-4300 to schedule an appointment.

 Is TMS safe? You’re in Good Hands with Our Team

Is TMS safe? A common question, but not the only one asked by those seeking relief from depression.

Many patients are concerned about affordability. Fortunately, TMS treatment is covered under most health insurance plans.

Will TMS work on my type of disorder? Trust the team at Calabasas Behavioral Health, a clinic that offers full mental health care services at a recognized higher level from other service providers.

Our team has the experience, impeccable credentials, and the dedication to carefully and accurately diagnose your condition. Treatment is based on the needs of individual patients.

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