What Is An Anxiety Attack

What is An Anxiety Attack?

What is an anxiety attack? Many Calabasas Behavioral Health patients who suffer from sudden upsurges in nervousness, fear, or worry may have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders.

This spike in negative emotions is called an anxiety attack. Such attacks can be triggered a number of ways and are rooted in the mind. The intense and often confusing feelings associated with an attack can be overwhelming.

There are also physical manifestations, such as nausea, sweaty palms, a pounding heart, dizziness, or trembling.

These attacks can be so frightening and unpredictable - occurring at inconvenient times and places - that individuals often change their behavior in order to avoid them. Refusal to leave the house, engage in social interaction, or hold a steady job are typical reactions to anxiety.

There are many causes of social anxiety disorders and related attacks. Prolonged exposure to stress, genetic factors, drugs, even an excess of hormones are among the most common reasons for anxiety.

There are also several effective treatment options. In many cases, counseling from Calabasas Behavioral Health’s team of therapists can modify or even eliminate debilitating anxiety attacks, and anxiety disorders in general. Call us today at 818-921-4300 to learn more.

Treating Anxiety and Anxiety Attacks

Our counselors use various methods to help patients recover from anxiety disorders:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy. This method of talk therapy focuses on understanding how thoughts affect certain behavior and developing practical ways of changing negative thinking.
  • In certain cases, medication can be an effective part of an overall strategy for treating anxiety and anxiety attacks. Your past history and the extent of anxiety symptoms determine whether you are a candidate for medication.

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If you experience frequent and upsetting attacks of worry or dread, let our counselors help you answer the question, “What is an anxiety attack?” Call 818-921-4300 today to learn more.