Depression Counseling

Depression Counseling for Adults, Teens and Children

Regardless of how desperate your life may seem, depression counseling through Calabasas Behavioral Health can help you.

Our clinic specializes in treating all levels of psychiatric conditions. Our certified depression counselors work to ease, and often eliminate, the symptoms that prevent people with clinical depression from living fulfilling, happy lives.

Depression is a complex disorder. While a chemical imbalance may play a role in bringing on depression, other factors — such as stress, medication, or health problems — can also contribute to a deterioration in mood. Often several issues combine to negatively alter your emotional outlook.

Depending on the individual, depression counseling can take several forms. As a patient, you may undergo any or all of the following treatments:

  • Psychotherapy. Discussing your situation with a counselor and possibly others in your life helps you to understand what you are experiencing. You are not alone. Depression affects nearly 400 million people around the world.
  • Anti-depressants can be highly effective but come with the risk of side effects. In some cases, patients have little or no response to medications.
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation. This procedure involves stimulating certain parts of the brain with gentle magnetic impulses. TMS can be administered independently or in conjunction with other therapies.

Depression affects family, friends and co-workers as well as the sufferer. Calabasas Behavioral Health provides depression counseling for patients throughout California’s San Fernando Valley. Call us today at 818-921-4300 to schedule a consultation.

How to Tell if You Need Depression Counseling

Depression can develop slowly, so you may live with the condition for months or years without realizing you need help. Here are a few signs that indicate you need the help of a depression counselor:

  • A constant feeling of fatigue, even if you’ve had a decent night’s sleep.
  • Periods of irritability or instances of outright anger that may seem out of character.
  • Excessive drinking or drug-taking.
  • Reckless behavior, such as taking unnecessary risks when driving.
  • Changes in appetite or sleep patterns.
  • A lack of interest in friends or activities that you formerly enjoyed.
  • An overall feeling of hopelessness.

A consultation with a Calabasas Behavioral Health professional can determine if you need depression counseling. Call 818-921-4300 today to schedule an appointment.