Borderline Personality Disorder

Compassionate Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

The following symptoms may indicate a need for borderline personality disorder treatment from the mental health professionals at Calabasas Behavioral Health:

  • Reckless impulsiveness. This may include sudden physical aggressiveness, spending sprees, wild driving habits, binge drinking and drug-taking, frequent sexual encounters, and other risky behaviors.
  • Troubled relationships. Other people are viewed in extreme, black-and-white terms of love or hate. Relationships, even with those who are relatively new in a person’s life, are often intense, unstable, and rife with conflict.
  • A distorted self-image. A person’s goals, opinions and values may change suddenly and inexplicably. Cutting or other forms of self-abuse may become evident.
  • Difficulty in controlling emotions. Moods can shift at any moment. Angry outbursts and even physical confrontations may occur frequently, and thoughts of suicide are common.

The professionals at Calabasas Behavioral Health offer compassionate personality disorder treatment. For individuals struggling with these issues, we employ a version of psychotherapy known as dialectical behavior therapy.

Dialectical behavior therapy is often effective in helping a patient develop a more balanced perception of the world. With the help of a counselor, patients become more aware of and accepting of adverse situations.

Dialectical behavior therapy is particularly useful in assisting patients who have thoughts of suicide. In these cases, counselors may also include medication as part of borderline personality disorder treatment.

The counselors at Calabasas Behavioral Health can perform an evaluation and work to begin counseling and treatment as soon as you or your loved one are ready. Call 818-921-4300 or email us.

Why It’s Called Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment

In mental health discussions, the term “borderline” can be misleading when referring to borderline personality disorder. Originally, “borderline” was used to distinguish the disorder from neurosis or psychosis, not to diminish the seriousness of the condition.

Sufferers of borderline personality disorder are mentally ill and need professional help. With the highly qualified staff of Calabasas Behavioral Health providing counseling tailored to the individual, full recovery and a rewarding life are possible.

Our mental health counselors offer borderline personality disorder treatment for patients from the areas around Calabasas including Beverly Hills, Malibu, Agoura Hills, Moorpark, San Fernando, Santa Monica, Simi Valley, Ventura, and Westlake Village. Call 818-921-4300 today to schedule a consultation.