Psychiatric Services in the Los Angeles, California area

The empathic Psychiatrists at CBH, in Calabasas, provide compassionate, collaborative and comprehensive patient care. Come to Calabasas Behavioral Health for medication management, ADHD testing and addiction therapy. Our psychiatric services incorporate new research and breakthroughs in mental health treatment.

Science and Art of Medicine

Effective treatment requires an integration of the science and the art of medicine. The science involves staying abreast of the latest research findings and innovative practices. The art requires that experience, intuition, and compassion are seen as crucial to the treatment process as the latest technological breakthrough.

Compassionate Psychiatry

Our leading-edge physicians connect with you as a person so they can understand you, not just apply clinical knowledge. Your appointments are meaningful. The time spent with your doctor is not focused on "getting a task done," instead your treatment is as a whole, complex person. We work collaboratively with you and your other providers.

Psychiatric therapy in Calabasas Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley

Medication Management
Addiction Treatment
Medication Management

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CBH prescribes the right medications, in the right doses by listening to its patients and getting to know them. Your appointments at Calabasas Behavioral Health are 50 minute sessions designed to know you.

Addiction Treatment

addiction therapy suboxone treatment

Addiction Therapy & Suboxone

Dr. Robert Feeley is our resident expert in this specialized outpatient psychiatric service. Addiction treatment includes talk therapy and medication management, often with suboxone. He incorporates psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, motivational interviewing, cognitive processing, 12-step, and existential psychotherapies into his sessions.


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The Quotient Test, reasonably priced and covered by most insurance plans, is the only ADHD Test assessment cleared by the FDA and is available at Calabasas Behavioral Health. It is accompanied with one on one sessions with a psychiatrist to achieve one's potential in school, work, relationships and personal satisfaction in life.

Expert Psychiatric Services

CBH provides Psychiatric Services to Children and Adolescents

Sometimes psychiatric services are necessary for children. Often therapy alone is enough, but not always. Come to CBH to determine the cause of personality changes, especially if there is a genetic predisposition for mental illness. CBH will work closely with everyone involved to determine the safest combination of therapy and medication for the short and long-term.