Resolve Conflicts with Compassionate, Effective Family Therapy

Family therapy is often the best approach when the stresses and strains of everyday life, a singular traumatic event, or other life changes affect more than one family member. When emotional problems disrupt deeply intertwined lives, family counseling at Calabasas Behavioral Health can help restore balance.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is an active form of therapy that includes meeting with the family as a whole (or several members of the family) to identify themes and resolve conflicts.


Often family therapy will arise due to one member's struggles and symptoms. Family therapy allows the opportunity to observe how the system responds to those struggles. It also allows for examination of cultural and multi-generational expectations and influences. 


In every family there are often "subsystems" that respond differently under various circumstances. A focus of family therapy is to help integrate the system, clarify roles and expectations (current and generational), and help each member cope most effectively during life transitions.

Family Therapy for Children and Parents at Calabasas Behavioral Health

Common Reasons Families Come to Counseling

Sometimes even positive changes can be disruptive such as a new job, moving to another location, or a child's graduation or wedding. These may create problems that do not always have obvious solutions. The caring and professional staff at CBH can assist you and other members of your family to deal with these challenges through education and counseling. Therapists at Calabasas Behavioral Health consider family counseling to be one element of an overall treatment plan.

Family counseling can be of great help in cases such as when:

  • A parent loses a job or a substantial financial loss occurs.
  • A family member become ill or dies.
  • A move to a new city or country is imminent.
  • Children are having difficulty in school or making friends.
  • Divorce splits a family apart.