Interracial Relationship Counseling


Interracial Relationship Counseling

If you are in an interracial or intercultural relationship and are struggling with integrating your differing views into a cohesive marital, partnered, or parenting unit, you might benefit from interracial relationship counseling. Although millions of couples have defied tradition to come together in loving unions, family influences, social expectations, and your own uncertainty may be creating stress in your relationship. Through the experienced and professional counseling provided by Calabasas Behavioral Health, you may be better able to construct a relationship that will support you both while still acknowledging and valuing each other’s unique contributions.

Couples Counseling with Dr. Joel Crohn

Joel Crohn, Ph.D., specializes in interracial relationship counseling. His positive approach–crafted over 25 years of practicing couple and family therapy–can assist couples to deal with issues surrounding love, work, children, and play–issues that are both typical of any relationship but also uniquely impacted by a blend of internal and external racial or cultural forces.  He coaches couples in all stages of their relationship, from premarital counseling to parenting to coping with death and dying. If you are in an interracial or intercultural relationship and feel the need for learning more effective life strategies, Dr. Crohn is well-equipped to guide you through your journey to becoming a successful “Mixed Match.” (click the link to view Dr. Crohn’s book on Amazon).

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