Couples Intervention Therapy

Resolve Problems, Restore Trust with Couples Intervention Therapy

Couples intervention therapy can work for partners of all ages who are experiencing a range of relationship problems.

Most relationships can be saved if both partners are committed to its success. Even couples who have experienced significant upheaval, including infidelity, behavioral problems with children, or drug/alcohol abuse can enjoy fulfilling, strong relationships by restoring the qualities that brought them together in the first place.

The relationship counselors at Calabasas Behavioral Health begin the process by providing a forum for couples to discuss their problems freely, without judgment and in absolute privacy.

Here’s how couples intervention can restore and strengthen the bonds of your relationship:

  • A therapy session provides a safe, neutral place to discuss your relationship. Arguments that erupt in a tense, bustling household are often difficult to resolve. A relaxed setting away from the pressures of home affords couples the ability to reflect on issues that are causing conflict.
  • Regularly scheduled sessions enable busy couples to set aside time to talk. Demanding careers and child-rearing responsibilities can reduce the opportunities for you to engage in deep conversation at home.
  • Partners are taught how to effectively articulate their needs and emotions to each other. Understanding the reasons for discord is common – fixing the problem is tougher. Learning constructive communication techniques is a major step toward moving in the right direction.
  • Regularly scheduled counseling sessions give couples a chance to practice newly acquired communications skills. Eventually, these skills become an integral aspect of your relationship and are applied when major disagreements arise.

When to Seek Couples Intervention Therapy

How do you know if you need couples intervention therapy? There are several signs:

  • Arguments start small and grow into huge quarrels that often have little to do with the initial misunderstanding.
  • Arguments about the same issues occur over and over.
  • You find yourself spending less time with your partner or not speaking when you are together.
  • Physical intimacy becomes less frequent.

Couples intervention therapy with a Calabasas Behavioral Health professional can re-ignite your relationship. Call 818-921-4300 today for an initial consultation.  Calabasas Behavioral Health offers couples intervention therapy to patients in the  Calabasas area including Beverly Hills, Malibu, Agoura Hills, Moorpark, San Fernando, Santa Monica, Simi Valley, Ventura, and Westlake Village. Call 818-921-4300 to schedule a session at our clinic.