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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Counseling and Treatment

October 23, 2014

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Counseling and Treatment People seeking Obsessive Compulsive Disorder counseling and treatment often experience these symptoms: Repetitive, all-consuming thoughts Unwanted and irresistible actions Both these symptoms are insistent and frequent, even continuous People with these symptoms usually recognize that these thoughts and behaviors are not reasonable but they…

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Interracial Relationship Counseling

May 30, 2014

Interracial Relationship Counseling If you are in an interracial or intercultural relationship and are struggling with integrating your differing views into a cohesive marital, partnered, or parenting unit, you might benefit from interracial relationship counseling. Although millions of couples have defied tradition to come together in loving unions, family influences,…

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Mental Health Counselors

October 23, 2014

Mental Health Counselors For Personal and Family Needs At Calabasas Behavioral Health, our staff of mental health counselors includes highly trained and dedicated psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and technicians focused on improving your life. Whether you are looking for guidance in coping with anxiety, depression, troubled relationships, or a wide variety…

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Cultural Counseling

November 22, 2014

Cultural Counseling Services for Individuals, Families and Groups When culture creates issues in the personal, academic, or work aspects of your life, you may find cultural counseling a great benefit. Challenges can sometimes arise when people from dissimilar religious, ethnic, or socioeconomic backgrounds come together, either as colleagues, friends, or…

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Creating Successful Interracial, Interethnic, and Interfaith Relationships

April 9, 2015

Mixed Matches: Creating Successful Interracial, Interethnic, and Interfaith Relationships Mixed matches are often very romantic relationships. The novelty of being with someone not like the boy or girl next door adds an element of excitement. Novelty is one of the spices of life, and its power can distract people from…

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Schizophrenia Treatment Counseling

July 27, 2015

Schizophrenia Treatment and Counseling That Changes Lives An individual suffering from a schizophrenic disorder can live a fulfilling life with professional schizophrenia treatment and counseling from the staff of Calabasas Behavioral Health. Our team of certified therapists can identify and treat schizophrenia, which is a potentially debilitating condition that affects more…

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Behavioral Health Services

December 22, 2015

Professional Behavioral Health Services When coping with life becomes too much of a struggle, professional behavioral health services give hope. Calabasas Behavioral Health provides programs designed to help adults, teens and children achieve full and lasting recovery from psychiatric disorders. Emotional issues are complex, and a patient may suffer from…

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Marriage Counseling

October 27, 2015

A New Perspective through Marriage Counseling With the help of a caring Calabasas Behavioral Health therapist, marriage counseling can provide new, life-changing perspectives on your relationship with your partner. You need not be on the edge of divorce to seek guidance; therapy can often help resolve small problems before they…

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Couples Counseling

June 25, 2014

Couples Counseling Whether you are seeking couples counseling for a long-standing issue or one that has recently appeared, Calabasas Behavioral Health’s professional counseling services can assist you.  Being in a relationship can be difficult at times, especially if one or both of you are facing serious stress factors. These factors…

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