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Seeing a psychiatrist is more than deciding if medications are necessary or are if they are the best fit for what you or a loved one is struggling with. Our prescribers engage you in the process of medication management and they may act as your primary psychotherapist, and collaborate with you on interventions which may or may not include medication.

Medication management refers to the practice of prescribing, keeping track of, and providing education around different medications. Part of our prescribers’ expertise is in evaluating each patient’s medical history, including past and current diagnoses and medications. We consider what has worked for you in the past and what is no longer working. At Calabasas Behavioral Health, medication may be a part of a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan which can include:

  • Psychopharmacology adults, teens and children
  • Minimizing side effects and maximizing benefits
  • Educating patients regarding treatment options
  • Consulting with your other providers for collaborative care
  • Individual, couples or family therapy
  • TMS Therapy for depression
  • Recommendation for neuropsychological testing

Our clinicians are experts in the following treatment modalities: